INGRESS ... Your gateway to success



INGRESS provides business and management support for foreign companies contemplating entering the US market. We support various types of businesses, but specialize in Life Sciences industry.

What Do We Offer? 

  1. Business & competitive intelligence

  2. Market research

  3. Project and portfolio management

  4. Medical, scientific & technical writing

  5. Back office services

  6. Liaison and branch office logistics

What Differentiates Us?

We provide our clients with tailored solutions in order to support their business activities. Unlike big consultancy companies, we offer very personalized solutions, as if we were an integral part of our client’s organization. To build confidence and trust, we deliberately elect to support all sizes of assignments, including small ones, because we believe that building trustful relationships begins with taking small steps.



ingress (ĭn’grĕs′)

1. a going or entering
2. right or permission to enter
3. a means or place of entering


toll free (phone + fax):

1-855-INGRESS (464-7377)